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To get started, simply register a new account. Use your own nickname, if it's already taken... tough luck!

For old forum users, the forum is still available here:
All content can be accessed for a limited time. Make sure you get anything important in case you don't want to lose it.

Emoticons =((
Old forum emoticons have been transferred over, they can be found in the top right corner of any new discussion or comment.

These are still a work in progress, as of right now you will need HTML to get signatures to work. See example code below.

These are the ranks used within RedCell to show who belongs to what groups within the clan. Plus certain badges are gained trough special events. For the first month or so everyone who registers will get the "Old Forum Member" badge.

To get other badges you can ask for them trough recruiters who will put you on the list to receive them.

To select your featured badges and have them displayed on discussions, simply go to your account and select "Edit Profile", from there you can find "Featured Badges" on the bottom right. Simply drag the desired badges to the top and select save.

Update 30/08/2015

BCC Code
BBC code is now working as it should, so codes like [ b ] and [ quote ] will function as they should.
More codes that can be use can be found here:

Email confirmation
This has been removed due to confusion and people can't find links in emails. Now you register and you are in.

Standard avatar
Everyone will now by default have a random avatar. This is to not break the forum layout when someone doesn't have one. You can still add your own custom one by editing your profile.

Adding photo's and video
Don't use BBC code, simply copy paste any link that has .jpg or similar extension or youtube video link to have it embedded and viewed within a discussion or comment.
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