How to join the team?

Hey Yorky, my brother!

I really want to join your team soon when my skill level has improved a lot but I also want to know how to join if I'm good enough? Do I just have to play a couple of MM's with our team or is there anything else I need to do?
  • YorkyYorky Posts: 10
    Hey :)
    At the moment i don't think there is a way to join our team, even if ur good enough. You could try to open up a new team ;)
  • EpicEpic Posts: 11
    Alright then. I think about it and try to hit up some really good, nice and also friendly players. But what about joining your team as a stand-in ? I mean when I'm good enought ;D
  • YorkyYorky Posts: 10
    edited October 2015
    Maybe :D Just keep improving and you might be a reserve or even a main player :)
  • SkateSkate Posts: 6
    do we have a us team?
  • NokillNokill Posts: 25
    As far as I'm aware we only have an active EU team atm.
    Created: 16/07/95
  • YorkyYorky Posts: 10
    No were the only team yet. But you should try to build one :)
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