Opinions on Star Wars Battlefront

Hey guys,

I just bought SW Battlefront for my PS4, because I need to upgrade my pc and atm I dont have time and money to do it so. Now I just want to share my opinion about the game:

the graphic is really awesome and also the StarWars Soundtracks give a feeling of nostalgia
imho the weapons are quite good balanced

i dont know the correct term, but there is no server-window to join a game like in RepCom
they only release a couple of maps, but they alrdy announced a seasonpass for 40 bucks, kinda sucks but i thinks thats EA

overall it's a nice game to spend time with, but i dont rly think tis gonna boost RedCell back like in good ol' repcom days
  • NokillNokill Posts: 25
    edited November 2015
    It's certainly a nice game, as in good looking, but I agree. it's an empty shell, EA just made the full game and took out pretty much everything so they can sell it as a pack over the next year.

    It will take some time before the game is actually worth it. Plus the game needs some serious balancing on many of it's modes, they clearly didn't do enough work on this or any for that matter.

    Not to mention the lack of team/squad tools of any kind, I can't even get someone as a partner half of the time or for an entire game...
    Created: 16/07/95
  • YorkyYorky Posts: 10
    I really like Battlefront. But i think its too repetitive, its not like RepCom were you could put 500 hours into it. It gets boring after a while and EA's selling strategy is making it worse.
  • ikeahyllanikeahyllan Posts: 16
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    Game is eye candy, and only fun for like 1-2 h max a day, hmm I hink the game is cheap on the sale now also.
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