Who's is in so far?

Hey guys,

So who can we count in so far? Are we getting an "Old Men of RedCell" team?
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  • NokillNokill Posts: 25
    I'll be in... not sure how active I can be but ill do my best.
    Created: 16/07/95
  • YorkyYorky Posts: 10
    I'll probably buy it aswell. Not sure if i can be active enough but for now i plan on buying it :P
  • SphinXSphinX Posts: 16
    yay swbf .. finally a reason to start gaming again :) ..repcom still alive lol. unbelievable . :O)
  • HeavenHeaven Posts: 2
    I'm planning on getting this game, only thing is that i have to play it on a laptop T_T ...
  • DeluxeDeluxe Posts: 12
    I'm in!
  • Heaven, Deluxe my boy and Sphinx. This gunna be gud =((
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  • when does it come out ? I would be in guyyyyys :D
  • Available November 17, 2015 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and on Origin for PC
    Created: 16/07/95
  • ikeahyllanikeahyllan Posts: 16
    edited September 2015
    Im in hopefully it won't be buggy at launch :-O, also have more time to game now!
  • Yay it's the thunder! Time to win all the games
    Created: 16/07/95
  • yay alex :) gonna write vir and stnr and it's the old team again. were you aware that u guys are all named alex lol?!
  • MystMyst Posts: 9
    There is no way on gods green earth Virus will come back. Stnr is still alive?! Good to hear! 8-|
    Joined: 23/12/05
  • Who the heck is talking about me here?!? Stnr is probably an alcoholic
  • hopefully one with a computer ^^. heeello alexej :) ... say guys what happened to xfire?! it seems like my profile and everything is gone.
  • Xfire sold their ass to someone (some years ago) and they shut down the server like 4 months ago. They only use it for some wannabe-Esport or League of Legends Assistant. Xfire went to shit after they sold it, it was incompatible to a lot of games, caused low-fps and crashes and spammed with ads.
    If you want to get in touch with the "old guys" you gotta add us in Steam (if not already happened). I was playing with Thunder and Myst now and again the last years over.
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  • STNRSTNR Posts: 2
    Nope, I'm not an alcoholic dear alexej. I'm still alive
  • MystMyst Posts: 9
    So the RedCell Cod4 Hardcode 5v5 team is all back like 6 years later. Fuckin' weiiiiird man.

    Oh and it's okay if your an alcoholic stnr, the first step is admitting it. We're all friends here. 8-|
    Joined: 23/12/05
  • 7 Years bro. The game came out 2007, my first post in the old forums is from August 1st 2008.

    I was 16 - jesus, good times
  • MystMyst Posts: 9
    I joined this fucking clan almost 10 years ago.

    So many feels... T_T
    Joined: 23/12/05
  • I would be glad to join you guys. Been like 2 years since my last visit on the forums. So shiny. looking good so far.

    Pluspoints for the good ol' smileys ;;)
  • This really does feel like an old farts club now...
    And the old smileys stay phew
    Created: 16/07/95
  • time flies by to fast, way to fast!

  • New Alpha gameplay
  • That one got removed by Ea for some reason.
    Here is another.

    Created: 16/07/95
  • I am 100% in!
    Couldn't remember the old log in info... just pre-ordered SWB and can't wait to start playing with you lads again!
  • Bit 'o late to this, but I'm totally in.
  • I'm getting it! New forums are definitely different.
  • EpicEpic Posts: 11
    I probably be in as well. Looks like a good game. ^^
  • SkateSkate Posts: 6
    Hello everyone! longtime no talk! I'm in after I get a new card my current computer won't run the game, anyone play it on the one as well?
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