Star Wars: Battlefront Announced

As most know a new Battlefront has been announced during E3, not a lot of information is known yet. But we will be posting updates to let you know what’s going on.


Star Wars fans no doubt have plenty of questions about what DICE plans to do with the beloved Battlefront series, but it’s still a little too early to tell. The ink is barely dry on the agreement, but DICE specifically hopes it isn’t making a Battlefield-themed Star Wars game.

“We don’t want Star Wars plus Battlefield,” said Bach, “because that would be boring, right?” DICE seemed like the obvious choice to revive the much-troubled Battlefront franchise. Fans weren’t the only ones who wanted it. Bach says that “LucasArts wanted us to build a Battlefront game.”

But what will DICE’s Battlefront actually be?

“In general, we wouldn’t build a game that is a copy of someone else’s game,” Bach told IGN. “We couldn’t do that. We’re too stubborn and too annoying for people to think we could do that.” Star Wars: Battlefront is still in the earliest of stages at DICE, so it is still “figuring out what we want to build” while it “looks at the history of the Battlefront franchise to reverse engineer it…to find out what it was supposed to be.”

I’ve seen a lot of people come out and say the do not want new Battlefront to be a “Star Wars: Battlefield” so to speak. Personally, I really like the Battlefield series, so I wouldn’t really mind a Battlefront with a Battlefieldperspective.

Our forums (thanks Kelevra) have also reminded us that DICE LA is a new studio and is not the studio that made Battlefield. The new studio brings in team members from Danger Close, originally called Dreamworks Interactive, and that was purchased by EA back in 2000.

Source Playstation Lifestyle:

The studio’s most notable work as of late has been the two most recent Medal of Honor titles. Now, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal, the studio is being integrated into EA’s new studio, DICE LA. In addition to many of the core staff from Danger Close, there will also be personnel from other EA global studios. The new studio also plans on hiring another 60 staff members before the year’s end.

The most interesting aspect to this story is that EA will be handing over its newly-acquired Star Wars license to DICE LA. They will be working on a Star Wars game, and while I’m sure many are hoping for another entry in the Battlefront series, it is far too early to confirm if this game will be part of an existing franchise or a new game in its own right.

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