StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Update

Blizzard has just released a new video showing off the updated units for the upcoming StarCraft expansion Heart of the Swarm.

In this video you can see that several earlier units that where announced got kicked out, such as the Replicant who could transform into any enemy unit. This however was to powerful most likely and got replaced with a modified mothership. The updated mothership is now a Protoss planetary defense only keeping the recall ability.  The Oracle has changed giving it the ability to stop all mining by putting on little force shields rather then itself, and also has a cloak field. The Tempest has become a Broodlord with an update as they can also shoot air targets and lost there splash damage from what I can tell.

Terran has the same units except for the Shredder who got changed into a spidermine on a timer, this gives skilled players the ability to select those units that stepped on one and run it out of the army as the mines do have a splash effect.

Zerg, thanks god, don’t have move while burrowed banelings. This honor now goes to the Ultralisks. The Swarm host and Viper are mostly the same except for the cloud ability that limits range on enemy units making banelings still a big pain in the ***

Below you can see it all in action thanks to a cast at Blizzard’s HQ

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