Titanfall: New RedCell Division!

Titanfall is one of the most anticiapted games of 2014 and how could we, but not to jump into the action? RedCell is now opening a Titanfall section and is now actively recruiting new players for their front rows. To join us you will have to fulfill the following requirements:

# any nationality is welcome
# basic understanding of the english language
# minimum age of 18 (exceptions are barely made)
# TS3 and working mic
# decent ingame activity
# players that can handle criticism, with the urge to improve as individual & as a team
# fun, dedicated and enthusiastic players that want to join something, that will last longer than two weeks

If we have awakened your interest contact LionHeart, he is easily reachable via his OriginID (TIME2Roar), Steam (TIME2Rawr) and XFire (eflaix). We also have our own subforums ready to be used and filled with content, you will find them here.



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