Update 8 Plufby World Project

First off, apologies for not updating last week. Diablo 3, road trip and a few holidays made it a fairly hectic week. But we’re back! The motion capture data is being processed, we are picking out the best shots from second to second and get those converted to a skeletal mesh for further refining. Yes motion capture isn’t instantly done after you record it, there’s still ¾th more to it.

One big tip, don’t do wrestling moves with suits that are magnets to markers. The footage below shows some unusable content due to the actors switching markers between suits. We will be animating these ourselves if want to have them in the game.

For the character development, here are some of the iterations, the first ideas of the artist where to give happiness a sort of jester look. This however looked more creepy than happy, and some people even now think that the final is somewhat creepy. I guess some of the jester must have slipped in.

  Happiness Character


The summary will also be updated shortly showing more detailed information of the game, it comes down to focusing on 1v1 sword fights, and the development of your character through play right now. The rest of the features are still in early stages, but I can tell that we are looking at the sword fighting sport for ideas that might work in-game.

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