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Author:  NuclearBoBo [ Wed Jul 30, 2008 10:34 pm ]
Post subject:  READ BEFORE POSTING - Rules

1 ) Respect members of RedCell.

2 ) Please refrain from cussing.

3 ) Racial slurs and other derogatory discriminating remarks will not be tolerated.

4 ) Do not use any of the following weapons on public servers or in clan games:
Rocket Launcher
Conc. Rifle
Heavy Repeater
Sonic Detonator
EC Detonator

5 ) Be a good sport. Don't get mad when the other team wins, unless they cheated. You can get mad at yourself though :P

6 ) Don't complain about noobs, ganging etc. That makes us look like a bunch of babies. We're one of the top clans because we can handle that sort of thing.

7 ) Don't be cocky. That really makes us look bad (especially if you lose).

8 ) Don't spam. It's okay to have a spam key, but pressing it constantly and filling up the whole screen is a big NO NO!

9 ) Cheating/Mods/Hacks will not be tolerated during COMPETITIVE matches. Usage of Mods or other Hacks may be used on your own time though.

10 ) Don't enter any other clans' TeamSpeak/Ventrilo unless invited by a member of that clan. Once you are there do not start arguments, conflicts, or anything else, you are a guest on their server.

11 ) Do not act in such way as to deceive or exploit the infrastructure of the clan and its members.

12 ) If you are a member of or are applying for RedCell, you must not simultaneously be a member of another clan or team for the game that you are a member of or are applying for.

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