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 Post subject: READ THIS!- Application Form and Important Information!
PostPosted: Sun Dec 23, 2012 3:49 pm 
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# Before posting your application for redCell Gaming, please read our rules carefully #

»The Best Way To Get Into RedCell

Hang around the forum, participate in discussions and act mature around the forum and respect other players as you would like them to respect you. This way you will know whats going on in RedCell and also make new friends who will help you get accepted into the group around 10 times faster then just hanging around on your own or others apps all day.

Also good screenshots of you getting a high Kill Per Minute (KPM) or a long killstreak are recommended, as they will drastically increase your chance to be accepted into the clan. These screenshots give the recruiters the chance to see for themselves how good you are on public servers, and if you truly are good enough, you will earn their vote.

»Application Information

First off, it is important that you have a username which you regularly log in on the chat program XFire. If you do not, you can download it by clicking here.

Another program which is useful, but not quite as important as XFire, is TeamSpeak, which can be downloaded by going here.

There are two ways of showing that you are skillful enough to join RedCell. One of these is by posting screenshots of in-game ownage. Keep posting more as the application gets older, so that we know you're still active. The second is to play a matches, usually with the recruiters, so they can tell if your skill is sufficient. They will also watch your attitude in game. If a recruiter thinks that you deserve to be a member of Redcell, they will give you their vote. If you get two, you're accepted. If a recruiter decides not to vote for you, that does not cancel out one vote. If, however, a recruiter decides that you are below the standards required to gain entry into RedCell, they can deny your application. Otherwise, three no-votes results in an unsuccessful application. Do not get discouraged if you are denied! You can try again once you wait for a month after Applying! If you feel you have been wrongfully denied, you must prove to another recruiter that this is so.

Apart from skill and attitude, activity and dedication will also be considered. Please let us know if you will be away so we do not deny your application. If your application has been inactive for two weeks, it will be denied, no questions asked. We will try to warn you ahead of time, but keep in mind that it is not our responsibility to keep your application active, it is yours. If you are denied due to inactivity, please feel free to apply again, just make sure to stay active!

Once you are accepted, it will be decided for you which squad you are to be placed in. If you are European, you will be placed in the Euro squad unless you wish otherwise.

» Recruiter Information

Nokill is the Clan Owner. His vote is extremely rare (basically non-existent) and only given out to queens who apply, so if you get it, congratulations ;).He can be contacted on XFire, where his username is nokill. He will deny he's nokill but its surely him, just don't ask him if he is nokill. And don't suspect a vote from him unless you can prove him your a Queen or at least a hot princess!

Cyclone is the General of Omicron Squad. He can be contacted via xfire and ingame, His xfire is valor62.

Thunder is the General of Euro Squad. He can be contacted via xfire and ingame, His xfire is upsidedown1.

Lionheart is a European Extra Voter. he can be contacted via xfire and ingame, His xfire is eflaix.

Theory is a European Extra Voter. he can be contacted via xfire and ingame, His xfire is jakman13.

Remember, two yes votes are needed for your application to be accepted. However three no votes will result in your application being denied.

If you are Denied, you may reapply for the clan in 30 days! please be ready to reapply and be active!

» Application Form

-Have you read the announcements in this section?:

-Do you understand everything that you have read, or are you still unclear on certain points? If yes, which?:

-Do you agree to follow the rules at all times, and to accept all punishment issued if you do not?:

-Can you get along with and respect other players in game and on forums?:

-Current name in Game?:

-What is your favorite gametype?:

-How long have you played Call of Duty?:

-Any former teams?:

-Were you recruited (i.e. told to join RedCell) by anyone? If so, whom?:

-How long do you see yourself staying in RedCell?:

-What is your Xfire username?:

-Do you have TeamSpeak 3? If not, are you capable of getting it?:

-Do you have a microphone?:

-What is your time zone?:

-What country do you live in? (optional):

-How much do you play, and at what times generally?:

-Anything else we may want to know about you?:


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